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Part of the production survey entails assessing the site of the development for ease of access of materials and their delivery, ensuring that a minimum inconvenience is caused to you and your neighbours.

The building teams are more than accustomed to working in residential surroundings and are mindful of all fixtures and fittings and ensure that the site is always safe and as uncluttered as need be.

Site in progress

While the base is being constructed, if required, an electrician and plumber lay preparatory works for completion once the conservatory frames have been erected and the structure is wind and watertight. Generally at this stage, if new doorways are being created for access to the Conservatory, they would be attended to at this stage.

Other preparatory works which may be required and indicated at time of contract exchange, could include:

  • demolition of outbuilding/extension
  • relocation of garden shed/fences
  • renew 'roofline' soffits and bargeboards
  • relocate manhole access or drain
  • install cavity trays
  • construct garden retaining wall
  • redirect path(s)
  • tree/shrub removal
  • relocate central heating boiler flue/boiler
  • relocate soil pipe/rainwater down pipes
  • relocate central heating or toilet overflows

Items, such as phone lines, satellite dishes, alarm systems are best adjusted or moved by the contractor that installed them. If you have any doubt about an item please do not hesitate to discuss it with us.

The following are some of the most common grey and not so grey areas we are asked about. In almost all instances listed below, other rules and criteria exist - what we have attempted is to clarify the most common instances.



Firewall/Boundary Wall: When is it a requirement?

  • Required when a conservatory or porch/extension is being constructed at, or within a metre of a boundary.  top

What does Firewall consist of?

  • It consists of a cavity wall, built approximately two course of bricks higher than the highest part of the conservatory at the boundary. (Click here for an illustrationtop

Why do I need a Firewall?

  • As the name 'Firewall' suggests its purpose is to retard the progress of a fire. As a 'Boundary' wall its purpose is to provide you and your neighbour with greater privacy.  top

Does a Firewall require planning consent?

  • No. It does however require a Building Warrant.  top

Can my neighbour object to a Firewall?

  • On technical merit only, with regard to a Building Warrant application. It is also worthy to note that it is possible that you agreed within your house purchase missive to notify neighbours of any development, and in some instances, also to get their written consent.  top

When do I need a Building Warrant?

  • When the proposed Conservatory/Porch exceeds 8m2
  • When the proposed Conservatory/Porch is less than 8m2  and is heated
  • When building on the Boundary
  • When creating a new door opening and a new support lintel is required
  • When converting an existing window that requires the removal of brickwork  top

Do I require Planning Consent?

There are occasions when Planning Consent is required.


  • Your house is a listed building or is within a conservation area
  • The location of the conservatory overlooks a road or pathway. (Even if it is separated with a fence/wall or trees or shrubs)
  • The original house has been developed i.e. has an extension, loft conversion with dormer windows, a garage or other outbuilding less than 5m from the house
  • the conservatory height exceeds 4m and is sited within 2m of a boundary

In all instances we submit a copy of the Building Warrant application drawing to the Planning section for their perusal. If it is decided that no formal planning consent is required, a letter of confirmation is issued by the Local Authority, which would be retained by you.   top

Can we build over a sewer pipe?

With the approval of the local Water Board. The Water Board would conduct their own survey prior to granting permission.  Recent experience has been that the expense of the survey is borne by the Water Board.  top

Can I build a Conservatory on a roof or an upper level?

With the appropriate local Authority Approval.  A main concern that has always to be addressed in these applications is that of 'overlooking', i.e. the effect the construction would have on the privacy of neighbouring properties and also the users. top


Your Local Authority Building Control and Planning sections are happy to answer your questions, they are however limited in the accuracy of their answers without the benefit of a site visit or seeing an accurate site plan.  top


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